The Garfield Institute of Music, values; education, success, and leadership. Supporting these values; we are committed to the professional development of not just the student in the program, but also all the educators in the arts leading to the development enhancement, and expansion of the Arts Eucation & STEM.

The music program consist of 3 levels:


It is carried out with the five strands of art making, literacy in the arts, making connections, community cultural resources, career, and lifelong learning. The Garfield Institute will provide a forum for the beginner and highly skilled population that require nurturing during the development of their natural skills and talents; by clinics, workshops, leadership programs, and classes. It is our belief that to achieve excellence in the area of music performance, each child will study and demonstrate proficiency in those areas. We believe in creating an environment that encourages learning and social growth through character building and high expectations.


Technical Training
The proposed objective, values; education, success and leadership. Supporting these values; the dance curriculum at the Garfield Institute of Music is committed to the professional development of not just the students in the program, but also all the educators in the arts leading to the development enhancement, and expansion of the arts education. During the study of Dance all students from a beginner level to an advanced level should:

Exhibit an appreciation of dance
Articulate orally and in written form historical, literary, and theoretical knowledge of dance forms & correct terminology
Demonstrate well-rounded development in dance, including critical thinking skills, high-level skills in performing arts, and enhanced creativity
Not everyone is meant or set out to be a prima ballerina, but knowing the basics will help in the future and it will demonstrate excellence and dedication when performing a different dance style with the basics of ballet.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles it will give the performer as well as the dance style they are implementing a dynamic look. It would allow the viewers and the instructor to notice how erect the body stays and the technical form of the performer.

Students should demonstrate an increasing vocabulary of ballet movement and technique reflective in their ability to coordinate simple movements and produce combinations of steps with qualitative movement, precision, and control, within the range of their own physical capacity. Students should communicate increasing confidence in performance as well as display sensitivity to musical content and style. Students should show an ability to work with others.

The requirements for the Garfield Institute of Music dance program is very simple; the performer will have to demonstrate and show proficiency in the following:

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced level technique and fundamentals
Ballet, Jazz & Modern dance styles
Cardiovascular & flexibility Training Technique


The Garfield Institute of Music not only promotes the arts but also deals with academic enrichment. In this world that we live, it is very difficult and forever changing. We at the Garfield Institute of Music feel that the upcoming generation must be prepared to bring valuable knowledge to solve and evaluate decisions.

These are some of the skills the youth will develop here at GIM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics better know as STEM. Our youth needs to understand that the arts are still important which produces discipline & dedication but the help of the STEM Program will build their content knowledge and increase the essential fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The Garfield Institute of Music feels that it shouldn’t matter what area our youth may be from, that everyone should be allowed quality access to a STEM Program.